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Order espresso machines for professionals from the Paulig PRO webshop. Looking for an Italian, manual or automatic espresso coffee machine? Our equipment selection features professional espresso machines for crafting the highest quality beverages.
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Espresso is Italian and it refers to a small, tasty coffee drink prepared just for you. Many people like to have an espresso just on its own to start the day or at the end of a meal, but it is also incorporated into many different coffee drinks such as cappuccino, café latte and mochaccino. The Italian espresso machine stands as a favorite among baristas, instantly creating a remarkable coffee experience.

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How do you like your espresso? When you want to make the perfect cup of espresso yourself, choose our traditional espresso machine, which comes with a wide range of adjustment options to suit the needs of each barista. However, consider these factors before selecting an espresso device:

  • Do you want manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic espresso machine

  • With or without a built-in coffee grinder

  • Daily coffee cup quantity determines the capacity needs

  • How easy-to-use machine do you need

  • How to clean and maintain the coffee machine

  • Where the espresso machine will be installed and how much room it will need

  • How many groups do you need

Our selection includes top-quality Nuova Simonelli Appia and Aurelia Wawe espresso machines that are guaranteed to meet your needs. Our professional sales team will be happy to help you choose the right espresso maker. Of course, you will also have access to the best espresso beans in our selection, as well as serving dishes and accessories to complement your preferences.

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