Frequently asked questions

I cannot login/set/reset my password.

  1. Please make sure that you are in the correct country by selecting your language version.

  2. Please order a new password by clicking “Forgot password” and you will receive an email with a link to setting a new password.

  3. Your new password contains minimum 8 characters, including capital letters and numbers. Please try repeating the steps if needed.

  4. If you have any questions or problems signing in, please contact our customer service teams for assistance.

The person who ordered from the webshop left the company and I cannot login. What to do?

If you have been using a company email (e.g. and you have access to this email, you can request a new password by clicking “Forgot password”. If you need to change the email or you don’t know who from your company has access, please contact our customer service.

My company info has changed or I need to add a new shipping address.

Please contact our customer service so we can fix that for you!

Where can I find my order history?

You can find your order history and shopping lists under your My Paulig account.

I am not yet a Paulig customer, how can I become a customer?

Our webshop is only for B2B customers. If you want to become our business customer, please register as a new company or new user (more info in “Log in and register” page) and we will contact you. Please note approving your account might take a few days, if you don’t have any existing contract with Paulig yet. If you are not sure if your company has an account yet, please contact our customer service: +358 20 737 0007