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Paulig PRO

We at Paulig PRO do not only sell high-quality coffee and coffee preparation equipment – we want to create the best coffee moments. Our extensive product selection offers an ideal solution that includes everything needed for a great coffee experience.​

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Let Paulig PRO help you with all things coffee related

Our mission is to create the best possible conditions for you and your customers coffee moment. Our full solutions include coffees, ingredients, machines, trainings and maintenance services for the B2B-customer segments: offices and workplaces, Food Service industry and stores, convenience and public locations. Our professionals support you with all things coffee related. Read more about Paulig PRO coffee solutions.


We want to offer our customers full, premium solutions. In Paulig's extensive product selection you can find the premium quality ingredients, such as coffee, cold drinks, tea and Tazza hot chocolate, as well as automatic and filter coffee machines, espresso machines, coffee grinders and water dispensers. For maintaining your coffee station in perfect  condition, find the preparation, serving, take away and cleaning equipment from our shop for professionals. 

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Do you need help in making an espresso? Our certified coffee training experts will instruct you in making coffee just right. If you need coffee training or inspiration, visit us at Baristainstitute.com or contact our sales team to ask about available trainings in your area. We also care for our customers after the machine has been installed and our maintenance team keeps the coffee machines in excellent condition, according to your wishes. Our mechanics, technicians and machine operators have attended the practical SCA barista certification training at the Paulig Barista Institute. Our after sales team will happily assist you in any questions via the contact us page, email or phone.​

A sustainable coffee partner

Quality, easiness and sustainability are essential parts of our coffee solutions. At Paulig, we want to be frontrunners in sustainability and we put major effort into our coffee solutions, so that it would make our customers easier to make sustainable choices.

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Shop for professionals

Shop for professionals​

By registering as our webshop customer, you can enjoy the full benefits of being Paulig's customer. You can find our professional portfolio only here. The delivery times are fast and you can renew your latest order in less than a minute! Find your pre-saved shopping lists in your account page to shop your favorite products and invite your colleagues as webshop customers by editing organization settings. ​

Furthermore, you can review your company data in My Paulig portal: see your machines drink consumption and maintenance history as well as invoice and order history. Our webshop is easy to use and is open 24/7.

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Paulig PRO coffee solutions

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Coffee Solutions for Offices

Small, medium or big workplace – we have coffee solutions for all! Get to know our
offering for offices and workplaces.

Solutions for Food Service Sector

From our selection you can find all things needed for an enjoyable coffee moment in
hotels, restaurants, cafés, service stations and public sector.Get to
know our offering for Food Service industry!

Store and convenience
Solutions for Stores

How to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction in stores, boutiques or other public locations? Read more about our coffee solutions for store environment!