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The automatic coffee machine makes the coffee with just one press of a button. From Paulig PRO's best coffee machines you can choose fully automatic coffee machines or machines equipped with coffee grinder. Order your machine from our online store, ideal for workplaces, offices, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants and cafés.
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Fully automatic coffee machines

Looking for an easy-to-use fully automatic coffee machine that makes good coffee? You can make delicious coffee with your Paulig PRO coffee machine with just a simple press of a button.

What kind of automatic coffee machine suits for your company?

When choosing an automatic coffee machine, it is good to take into account several things that will help you find a coffee machine that suits your needs. Note at least:

  • The daily amount of coffee cups, i.e. the capacity requirements

  • Is there a need to make special coffees, such as cappuccinos or espressos

  • How are you going to handle the cleaning and maintenance of the automatic coffee machine?

  • Do you want additional features, such as milk foam or hot water dispensing?

  • Where the coffee machine will be installed?

In our selection, you will find an automatic coffee machine that suits your needs for offices, workplaces and waiting rooms, as well as hotels, restaurants and cafés, perfect for dealing with peak times. Our coffee solutions service also provides coffee machine maintenance.

Take a look at our selection and let our sales team help you choose the best coffee machine for you. In addition to automatic coffee makers, we also offer traditional filter coffee machines for professional use. In our selection, you will also find coffee cups and accessories to complete your coffee experience. And of course, the best coffees.