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    We want to help you create enjoyable coffee moments. Our complete solution offers everything you need: from high-quality coffee beans to reliable coffee machines!

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    Paulig PRO is your high-quality coffee service provider for offices, Food Service industry and store & convenience - where ever cup of good coffee is needed.

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Sony Music Finland

Quality products and similar values are the cornerstones of a coffee partnership. In addition to common values, both companies also share a love of good coffee. 

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Our Premium solution always includes freshly ground coffee and fresh milk, which brings a softening touch to the coffee flavour. We've designed an easy solution for offices that always includes everything you need.

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Paulig’s coffee station was the best investment we made in 2017. It’s a purchase with long-term positive impacts. Investing in high-quality coffee shows how much we care about our staff.

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Let Paulig PRO help you with all things coffee related

Our mission is to create the best possible conditions for you and your customers coffee moment. Our full solutions include coffees, ingredients, machines, trainings and maintenance services for the B2B-customer segments: offices and workplaces, Food Service industry and stores, convenience and public locations. Our professionals support you with all things coffee related. Read more about Paulig PRO coffee solutions.

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