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The filter coffee machine prepares coffee quickly and efficiently, regardless of the brewing capacity. The range of Paulig PRO's coffee filter machines is suitable for crafting professional filter coffee in workplaces, offices, restaurants and cafés. These coffee machines are user-friendly, easy to maintain, and consistently reliable. Explore our selection and find the perfect fit for your needs!
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The best filter coffee machines

The best filter coffee machines, represented by Paulig PRO, brew efficiently large quantities of coffee without compromising quality. These coffee devices, designed for the professional production of traditional filter coffee, are easy to use, clean and maintain. Our filter coffee machines produce high-quality coffee in locations where a large production capacity is required.

Which filter coffee machine is the best for your needs?

When selecting the ideal coffee machine for your company, consider these factors:

  • Daily coffee cup volume, determining the required capacity

  • Ease of use for your team

  • Cleaning and maintenance procedures for the machine

  • Installation location and space requirements

  • Additional features needed, such as timer functions, thermos capabilities, or automatic shut-off

Whether it's coffee in thermos for meeting rooms, workplace coffee machines, or glass coffee pots for lunch restaurants, our online store provides all the coffee-making equipment you need, including top-quality coffees specifically crafted for filter machines.

Our coffee solution service offers maintenance and spare parts, ensuring your filter coffee machines operate seamlessly. Explore our assortment of coffee makers, professional coffee machines, and espresso machines to find the perfect fit for your needs.