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Coffee training

Baristas are artisans! 

For them, coffee is not just a drinkable alarm clock or a method to stay awake. It is pure passion!

Baristas want to create great flavours, high quality products and unforgettable customer experiences. It is not only the technical skills that makes a barista, but of course it is important to have the basics well digested.

Especially fun this is in Paulig Barista Institute, where you can learn by doing, trying and testing yourself! Paulig Barista Institute guides you from the fundamentals all the way to latte art, different brewing techniques, professional cup tasting and beyond!         

Move ahead:

  • Better customer experience 

  • Motivated staff 

  • Less waste

  • Enhancing the ergonomics 

  • Efficient ways of working 

Coffee trainings since 1980

Paulig has offered trainings already since 1980. The coffee culture, products, methods, devices and trends have changed a lot during these decades. Having been around all this time makes us the oldest and most definitely the most inspiring place to learn about coffee! 

Barista Institute training - ENG
Coffee trainings since 1980

Paulig Barista Institute today 

We give live trainings in Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia. Also web courses are available. Get to know our trainers and get inspired by following us in Instagram and at

SCA trainings in Paulig Barista Institute 

Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is the world’s largest coffee trade association. In among many other learning programs, there is SCA Coffee Skills Program available for all the eager learners around the world. All our trainers are ASTs meaning they are Authorizes SCA Trainers. We currently have Barista Skills Module and Brewing Module in our portfolio. 

Barista Institute - Barista Jori - EN

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