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Cold drinks

Cold coffee drinks are growing in popularity both globally and in Finland, as many are looking for alternatives to fizzy soft drinks. The taste of coffee works well in cold soft drinks and for many younger consumers, cold coffee drinks represent their first contact with the fascinating world of coffee. Paulig is a pioneer in cold coffee drinks in Finland, and Frezza, with its many flavours, has become almost synonymous with a cold coffee drink. Cold coffee drinks offer a refreshing alternative in an office environment, but they are also popular as take-away drinks, either as a snack or just on their own. You can use our cold brew coffee concentrate to make the perfect coffee drink to suit your taste, the end result of which is only limited by your imagination. Have you already found your favourite amongst our cold coffee drinks? Have you tried our new city coffees, such as the Paulig Singapore Ice Coffee, which is classified as Fair Trade? In Paulig's range of professional products, you will find our classic cold coffee drink favourites as well as the trendiest new varieties, including a lactose-free option.
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