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Filter coffees

Finns love filter coffee Light roasted filter coffee is still the most popular choice in the country, but dark roasted filter coffees are now also gaining popularity, especially among younger coffee drinkers. Which do you prefer? Paulig has been roasting Finland’s most popular coffees since 1876. We offer high-quality, responsibly produced coffees to suit every kind of taste and we are constantly creating new types of coffee, which keeps us at the forefront of the coffee industry. Paulig's selection of filter coffee for professional use covers the most popular coffee brands in Finland, including long-time favourites known and loved by everyone, as well as popular, intriguing city coffees suitable for a variety of situations and coffee moments. Naturally, we also offer a selection of filter coffee machines that will meet your needs. Ensure client satisfaction by offering our popular, high-quality coffee brands, or surprise them with a coffee experience that will make them feel like they have been transported to the other side of the world!
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