Robert Paulig Roastery

Robert Paulig Roastery is a small roastery located in Tolkkinen, Porvoo. The Notes of Nature coffees draw inspiration from the nature surrounding the coffee roastery.
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Robert Paulig Roastery

Are you looking for a coffee brand that uses coffee from responsible small roasteries to serve at your office, restaurant or café? One that shares the values of your business? Do you wish you had coffee that was so soft and aromatic that you could proudly serve it to your guests? Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer filter coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos at your coffee station that were so good that your employees would want to have all their daily coffees at work?

The Notes of Nature small roastery coffees of the Robert Paulig Roastery located in Tolkkinen, Porvoo, draw inspiration from the nature surrounding the coffee roastery. Our dark roasted small roastery coffees are obtained from responsible sources and roasted with self-produced solar energy. They can be used for making both espresso-based coffees and soft and full-bodied filter coffee. Our coffees are Omni-roasting coffees, meaning that the coffee beans can be used both for espresso and filter coffee. This also means that you can save storage space as you can offer a broad selection of coffees with just a small amount of coffee beans.

The Robert Paulig Roastery is Finland's oldest small roastery, which offers speciality coffees suitable for professional use made with self-produced solar energy. The Robert Paulig Roastery received the CarbonNeutral roastery certification in 2021.