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Juhla Mokka

When you want to offer your customers or employees coffee that is guaranteed to suit every taste, you can’t go wrong with Juhla Mokka.
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Juhla Mokka

Juhla Mokka

Paulig Juhla Mokka is a highly valued, cross-generational coffee brand. It is by far the most popular coffee brand in Finland, whether judging by what you can find in a standard kitchen cupboard, office, or restaurants and cafés. While we all have our own style, habits, and way of doing things, there is one thing that unites us.

Most Finns drink the same coffee. Maybe in different ways, from different types of cups and in different situations, but when we pour ourselves our morning coffee, Juhla Mokka is the flavour that awakens the inner doer in us. Sometimes we need another cup later in the day to reignite that energy. Once we get started on something, it is easy to stay focused on the task.

Juhla Mokka is a fine and full-bodied 100% arabica coffee blend, sold in the following varieties: traditional light roasted, dark roasted, organic and extra dark roasted. Finland’s most beloved coffee blend is made from the best coffee varieties of Central and South America and Africa, and its taste is developed at our roasting factory. Our selection of professional products includes our most popular Juhla Mokka coffees in different grinding sizes and packaging to suit all types of coffee machines.