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City Coffees

Paulig’s city coffees are inspired by the cultures of big cities that entice people with their flavour, artistic expression and lifestyle. That’s why our city coffees are popular amongst coffee drinkers who are fans of trying different flavours. Each of our city coffees has its own personality and they are suitable for any moment of the day. They can even be used to prepare a cold brew coffees. Offer your customer variation alongside their traditional favourites or surprise them with a new taste sensation every day. Younger coffee lovers in particular have embraced our city coffees and will be delighted to find their favourites in a café or in the break room at the office. Paulig city coffees and our other popular coffee brands are included in Paulig's wide range of professional products, packaged to fit the needs of professional consumption, in bean form as well as ground filter coffee. Also, don’t forget our cold coffee drinks, which include many of our city coffees!
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