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What kind of images does a Paulig Brazil coffee package bring to mind for you? Sun, rhythmic music, a sense of joie de vivre, maybe football? The character of Paulig Brazil is not limited to its packaging: its unique aroma comes from Brazilian Santos beans ripened by the hot sun. Paulig's wide range of responsibly produced products aimed at professional use includes the Brazil as both light and dark roasts, as fine and semi-coarse grinds, and, of course, in bean form. The nuanced taste of Paulig Brazil will impress all coffee-drinkers. The Brazil variety has been especially popular in the office environment: perhaps it gives stiff Finns a little Brazilian zest for life and energy to finish their work day. Remember to also check out Paulig’s other popular coffee brands, classics loved by the entire nation, as well as Paulig’s popular city coffees.
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