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Coffee Solutions for Offices and Workplaces

Coffee and coffee breaks are an important part of office culture and the coffee station is often the company’s rendez-vous point. The coffee machine is where you take a break, catch up with colleagues and wish visitors welcome.

Full coffee solution for your office!

High-quality coffee, a state of art coffee machine and a well-functioning coffee station are essentials for a pleasant workplace. A break from work is good for efficiency and mental wellbeing. When everything you need for a coffee is conveniently available, your coffee break will go smoothly. Fresh milk can be used in an automatic coffee machine and the grinder grinds enough coffee beans for one cup at a time. This means that the coffee is as fresh as can be.​

​Our experts will help you to choose the coffee you like and the solution that best suits your office based on the number of users and the purpose of the premises. Whether your space is a lobby, meeting room or a personnel coffee station, you will find the perfect coffee solution for your needs from us. If there are more than ten coffee drinkers, we recommend an automatic coffee machine over a coffee-maker.

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Paulig Coffee Modules

Paulig Coffee Module is a furniture solution designed specifically for serving coffee. The 90 cm or 135 cm wide machines are suitable for smaller offices or coffee stations.
The wider 180 cm coffee module can fit a variety of products so that everyone, even in a larger office, can find something they enjoy. The module can easily fit machines that make either filter coffee or espresso-based coffee. There’s even space for baked goods, water equipment and other supplies to be conveniently displayed on the module.

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How to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction in stores, boutiques or other public locations? Read more about our coffee solutions for store environment!

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