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What kinds of coffee solutions would suit best for your office or café? We want to create the best coffee moments. Our professionals support you with all things coffee related. You can find customer stories below, and please, let us know if we can help.

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Sony: We only want the best

According to Olli Sjöström, Financial Director of Sony Music Finland, quality products and similar values are the cornerstones of a coffee partnership. In addition to common values, both companies also share a love of good coffee. High-quality coffee and especially good espresso beverages are simple everyday luxuries for both employees and partners.

At the office, your coffee needs are taken care of by the easy-to-use Thermoplan Black & White 4C coffee machine, which has received only positive feedback from our employees.
"After testing the Thermoplan, the decision was clear and there was no going back to any other machines. I don’t remember ever having such delicious coffee from a coffee machine anywhere." Sjöström says with a laugh.

In order to preserve the high quality of coffee every day, the machine should be maintained and cleaned regularly. According to Olli Sjöström, maintenance is easy. "When you appreciate good coffee as much as we do, you also understand what it requires: a clean machine and freshly ground coffee beans. Maintenance is done on a daily basis and, luckily, it is a rather easy and fast procedure. And worthy of good coffee."

Gasgrid Finland: We made a sustainable choice

At Gasgrid Finland’s office, we are demanding consumers of coffee. When choosing high-quality coffee, we also emphasise sustainability in the choice of a partner. "Paulig is a sustainable operator, which is why choosing them as our partner was an obvious choice in the end," says executive assistant and communications coordinator Engela Gyldén.

Employees’ coffee preferences played a big role in the choice of coffee machine. "I evaluated everyone’s coffee drinking styles rather closely at the office. How many prefer filter coffee over espresso-based beverages, do they use milk in their coffee and what is the preferred roast level," Gyldén explains. After careful assessment, we ended up choosing the Magellan 2 machine, which is easy to maintain and clean.

The company’s coffee culture is still finding its feet due to remote work. Our office employees follow remote work recommendations closely, which is why some of them have not been able to test our coffee machine yet. However, our new family member has been warmly welcomed and the feedback has been nothing but positive. The office is also frequented by international guests, who like the high-quality range of espresso-based beverages. "When one of our guests receives delicious, freshly ground coffee or even an espresso instead of the regular filter coffee, that's simply good customer service."

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What kind of coffee breaks do you have in your workplace? We asked our Premium customers at Solita whether they’ve been pleased with the Paulig Premium concept. Laura Mikkonen from Solita told us: "We have been exceptionally pleased, because we don’t have to brew coffee with a regular moccamaster anymore. The machine is very easy to use. Employees make use of their coffee breaks independently. Job satisfaction in the workplace has increased, at least when it comes to coffee machines and the quality of coffee."

Solita is using Thermoplan’s fully automatic machine, which has Paulig Special Espresso and Medium coffee beans, specifically designed for the automatic machines. "Our Premium solution always includes freshly ground coffee and fresh milk, which brings a softening touch to the coffee flavour. We've designed an easy solution for offices that always includes everything you need. In addition to coffee and the equipment, we offer tea and other supplies, equipment maintenance, support and a newsletter."

Tapaus: A good working atmosphere smells like coffee

Event organiser Tapaus knows how to create an inspiring working atmosphere. Executive Assistant Katriina Laatikainen says that one of the most important ingredients in any premises is the Paulig coffee station and its selection of beverages.

People at Tapaus have a cozy coffee lounge, where both their own talented people and guests have a good time. "Paulig’s coffee station was the best investment we made in 2017. It’s a purchase with long-term positive impacts" says Managing Director Timo Aalto. "Investing in high-quality coffee shows how much we care about our staff" Katriina Laatikainen continues.

After comparing different service providers, the case quickly came to the conclusion that the coffee station will be purchased from Paulig. The decision was reinforced not only by an appreciation of sustainability but also by a taste test, coincidentally done by Timo Aalto. He was enjoying a cup of coffee at the Paulig coffee station, located at their partner’s premises and he was convinced. "We wanted to buy a coffee solution from a reputable and sustainable Finnish company. Together with Paulig, we can be confident that everything works" Laatikainen emphasises.

In a fast-paced industry, it is important that good coffee is always available. "When we used to have guests over, we had to prepare in advance: buy something to offer and brew coffee. Now, we always have such good coffee at hand that it alone is enough. We are always prepared for guests” says Katriina Laatikainen cheerfully.

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